GGTech Studios reveals otherworldly user experience in eWorlds

  • Embark on an otherworldly journey as GGTech Studios unveils their flagship 3D multiplayer platform game, eWorlds. This immersive experience, set to launch during Steam’s Next Fest event in June, promises to transport players beyond the ordinary, with Alienware.

After its launch at the end of October last year and its public appearance at GAMERGY 2023, eWorlds continues to grow through its world without limits. GGTech Studios flagship project has reached a new milestone in its short life thanks to the new world created in collaboration with Alienware through a unique experience full of surprises for users.

eWorlds, built on the Unity Engine, features a wealth of different game experiences with endless possibilities. It is defined as a meeting point for players, where they can explore, compete, socialize and have fun with their friends through a variety of puzzles, mini-games and quests to complete.

The starting point for the alliance between Alienware and eWorlds will be at Steam’s Next Fest event from 10-17 June, when everyone will be able to try out free-to-play gaming for the first time since its inception. The staging will allow gamers, over seven days, to try out hundreds of demos of upcoming games and a host of live developer streams.

Alienware’s arrival at eWorlds

The joint goal is to offer a unique experience to the entire gaming community. Alienware will be proactively featured in eWorlds through the creation of a fully customized world, where users will be offered the possibility to choose their own customized Alienware skin.

In addition, players will find different missions to complete, puzzles and customized mini-games. In one, they will have to survive in a frantic battle over disappearing hexagonal platforms and in another they will face a climb full of complex jumps and obstacles to overcome to reach the top, both enabling users to enjoy an immersive experience within the world of Alienware.

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