The national university esports champions are defined

  • The tenth season of UNIVERSITY Esports in France ends, defining the national champions.
  • The finalists will also represent France in UNIVERSITY Esports Masters, the European international competition for university students.

UNIVERSITY Esports concludes its tenth season in France with the finals of League of Legends, VALORANT, and Rocket League. In the initiative known in France as La Grosse League, more than 1,800 students from 320 universities throughout the country participate, alongside over 100,000 players in 26 countries worldwide.

In addition to competing to be crowned as National Champions, the finalist teams have secured a spot to represent France in the UNIVERSITY Esports Masters, a competition bringing together the top teams from more than 16 countries, with the chance to become European Champions.

National champions are defined

On Sunday, March 3rd, the League of Legends finals took place with an in-person event at XP School Paris. ‘UDL Esport’ representing the Université de Lyon won against Jaguars dans Bouée’ from the Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Léonard de Vinci.

The broadcast of this event will be on OTP’s official Twitch channel ( The teams that will face off in Paris will be ‘Jaguars dans Bouée’ from the Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Léonard de Vinci and ‘UDL Esport’ representing the Université de Lyon. 

The VALORANT finals took place last Friday, the 23rd. The team ‘RAGE‘, representing the Université Paul-Valéry-Montpellier, was crowned national champion by defeating ‘Chinatown‘ from École Supérieure du Digital in Paris. However, due to a regulatory issue, the teams representing France in the international tournament will be ‘LDV Esport’, representing the École supérieure d’ingénieurs Léonard-de-Vinci (ESILV), and ‘SU Esport A’ from Sorbonne Université.

On February 22nd, the Rocket League competition will commence, culminating in its grand final on March 21st. The finalists will qualify for UNIVERSITY Esports Masters. The competition can be followed on UNIVERSITY Esports France‘s official Twitch channel:

During this season, UNIVERSITY Esports is developed by the Student Gaming Network (SGN) and supported by some of the most important publishers in the market, such as Riot Games.

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