Rebel Moon’s case study at GAMERGY Madrid

The last edition of the event was the setting for an immersive entertainment experience created in collaboration with Netflix

More than 40 top Spanish streamers gathered at the last edition of GAMERGY Madrid to compete in La Isla, an event presented by The Grefg in which different games and challenges were played on Fortnite maps designed especially for the occasion.

When everything seemed to be proceeding normally, there was a widespread blackout and the Rebels took the main stage.

The return of the signal to the event brought an exciting surprise, as Zack Snyder, director of the Netflix’s production Rebel Moon, appeared on the main screen to introduce the movie trailer and invited all viewers to become ‘Rebels’.

After the lights were turned back on, players discovered that they were in the world of Rebel Moon and that their next missions would have to be carried out in this new world totally unknown to them.

Accompanied by more than 2,000 attendees and about 45,000 viewers following the broadcast via streaming, the content creators participating in The Island explored ‘in situ’ the environment of the Netflix film.

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